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Ways To Recognise The Branches That Do All The Hard Work When Head Office Wins An Award Or Accolade

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So, your business has just won a high-end award. Obviously someone from the management team or higher up in the business is going to step up and accept it. But what about the team that worked tirelessly behind the scenes on the campaign, product or service? Isn’t it worth taking your time to show them that all their hard work is appreciated and that this award was won as a collective effort? 

The best companies know that their employees are the key to business success. Employees that are engaged and feel appreciated not just lift up the whole vibe of the workplace but they are also essential for your profits.

Employees that don’t care about the business will bring down other employees and contribute less to the overall success of the business. This is why it’s so essential to give employees the recognition that they deserve.

Here are just some of the ways in which you can reward the teams that helped your
company to win an award:

The ceremony

You may be getting your award delivered, but if there is a ceremony in which you’ll be collecting the reward, this is a perfect opportunity to show your team
appreciation. There are a number of ways that you could do this.

Firstly, you could take the team (if size allows) to the awards ceremony for a wonderful evening out; this shows that you value their input. If the whole team can’t be there, then consider letting the team leader come to the awards evening or even accept the award themself and this will go a long way in giving the team

If taking your team or team leader is simply not possible, then you should mention them in a speech if you are expected to give one. This is a wonderful way to let them know that even though you are collecting the award that it was them that got you there.

Monetary incentives and rewards

If you have no control over the purse strings at the company, then you may not be able to implement this, but if you do then monetary incentives and rewards are always a great option to show employee appreciation. Set in place some
incentives for the outcome of the results of the campaign and possible awards.

For example, if you’re a marketing company running a social media campaign, set up incentives for the number of leads you get for it or closed deals. With regards to awards, offer an incentive for nomination for the award, as well as for a win. This is a way to show your team that you appreciate their efforts all the way and don’t just celebrate the big wins. If you only celebrate the wins, it may feel like your employees’ everyday efforts are underappreciated.

Non-monetary incentives

If you don’t have control over money in the company, then you can always reward your team in another way. Everyone loves to get extra paid leave days, to work from home or be allowed to leave the office early.

You can also show your team appreciation for an award that they have worked hard for by taking them out to a great dinner, a weekend away or another fun and rewarding experience. This also encourages extra team bonding, which is always a plus.

CBA Ultimate Success Best Award

Their own award

A wonderful way to give tribute to a team that has worked hard on a project that has gone on to win an award is to present them with one for their own homes or desks. At the company end-year-awards or even a special ceremony, present each member of the team with a high-end, customised award that will show them how much their work and personality means to the business and that they will proudly display at their home or on their desk.

At the end of the day, your teams want to feel like they are also winning when their work gets an award and these are just a handful of the ways in which you can do that. At Impact Glass Creations, we design and create high-quality bespoke glass trophies that your team will love. If you’d like to know more about our trophies or our design and building processes, then simply get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through it.