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The Definitive Guide to Organizing a Recognition Event

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Blue lit auditorium with guests with happy faces at their tables and hap
Do you run a business and feel like something is missing, something that could help your employees reach their full potential?

Are you aware of how important is “recognition”? Looking for something to do that will acknowledge the company’s success in a fun way? Have you considered the staff, the individuals that comprise the true company?

If so, then it might be time to organize a recognition event. Such an occasion can help you reward what they do well so that they can make an even greater contribution in the future.

The steps required to put this event together involve factoring in a variety of elements that allow the occasion to be both professional and entertaining. With help from our expertise in planning events, yours will go without a hitch.

Check out this definitive guide to organizing a recognition event so that your staff will feel appreciated and motivated to progress.

1. Come Up With A Name

You can’t advertise your big event without a name that sets it apart from other occasions. Give people something special to look forward to, something new and fun.

We advise narrowing it down to 5 choices so that you save time on making a final choice.

Looking up what competitors come up with for their award show names will also help you avoid picking something that sounds the same. If other companies do have a similar name because of the theme of the show, you can try keyword researches to see what options are still available.

Once you’ve narrowed your choices down, come up with logo designs so that you can see how they look during presentations. Create logos on paper and online so that you can make the best pick. If graphics are not your forte, suits we offer free design consultations on creating custom trophies at Impact Glass Creations. Make it a night to remember with the perfect custom trophy for your special event.

2. Release A Brief

The next step you need to take is to write a brief that lets everyone know the purpose of the event Your event’s focus can cover a variety of purposes, such as for a charity or fundraiser.

The ceremony could be aimed at raising awareness of your staff’s accomplishments and how this helps the company and self-esteem and teamwork, in general. You can work that into any fundraising or other business that will be handled.

Other information that the brief should mention include the date of the event, how many guests are invited, and where you will hold it. Dress codes and similar requirements should also be mentioned to make sure that everyone shows up appropriately dressed.

3. Create A Budget

The more money you have set aside for your ceremony, the better time everyone will have. As soon as the idea of a recognition event pops into your head, you need to make sure that it fits into your budget.

Factors that you need to consider include food and beverages, space rented out, special appearances, and entertainment. If you’re using the venue for more than a day, then you may need to save some extra money.

Also, ensure you have an adequate budget for your event trophies or prizes. Impact Glass Creations can help you source a themed or suitably styled trophy, suitable for your recognition event, no matter the size or occasion.

The technology used for lighting, music and other sources of fun will also have an impact. Consider sponsorships and similar opportunities that can help you save on costs.

4. Pick A Venue For Your Recognition Event

Where you decide to host your event will also play an important role in making it a reality. Whatever location you go with should meet your planned budget so that you don’t have to sacrifice money from other areas.

The venue should display an environment that focuses on professionalism so that people coming in are in awe of the setting. However, there should be space designed to give them the opportunity to have fun.

Picking a spot that is unique in its appearance from other venues will help guests feel more interested in attending. It should also be in a location that is in easy reach for each person, no matter where they live.

5. Choose Award Ceremony Ideas

The more ideas you have for the ceremony, the more involved everyone in your company will feel. This is also an opportunity for each person to understand their value on the team and learn how to keep contributing.

25mm gold rimmed lapel pin with colour printed logo and text

Team members winners pins

You can include team award ideas for projects that involved the effort of several people together, as well as single awards for individual achievements. The award name ideas should be unique, fun, and based on the category. Because of the increasing importance of teams, individual recognition of members is crucial and whilst it would be unusual for each member to walk out with a massive crystal trophy, a good idea is to award custom-designed pins. These pins can be proudly worn by the winners, especially females who are face to face with the public.

There’s also the option to create your own award to give added incentive, so your staff feels motivated to give their all to qualify. The more creative the name is and the more it intrigues, the more people will wonder what it means, thus, the more invested they will become.

Freestanding circular crystal award with colour printed logo and text

Beautifully made crystal wedge discs

6. Create A Theme

Coming up with a theme for the event will help guests have fun when the business aspect is over. There are a variety of options available, both traditional and new school.

The venue’s setup can be based on current themes, or it can be inspired by holidays, characters, colors or one’s imagination, depending on when you’re holding the ceremony. Having special guests appear based on the theme will also add excitement. If it’s a big enough name, this can be a chance for your staff to get autographs and pose for that magic selfie.

7. Add Flair To Awards

Whatever you give winners for awards should make them feel special, valued, recognized and accomplished. You can provide trophies, plaques, or both, depending on the type of recognition being rewarded.

The trophies can have special designs, such as figures similar to Logies awards, or you might want to capture the theme in crystal, using 3D technology. They could incorporate the company logo, theme, values. You can have them made in a variety of materials, ranging from crystal to glass, timber, acrylic or metal, even a combination of materials.

This is where the creativity of your award source becomes important, so early on in your preparations, make contact and discuss your needs with a qualified and well-reviewed supplier. Do we add a link?   What photo

We also recommend including victory music to make the winners feel excited when you call their names up. Options can range from inspirational “Rocky” music to the latest hits in the hip-hop or rock n’ roll worlds.

8. Pick The Right Judges

The structure of your recognition event will add legitimacy to your goals, which will make everyone feel like the awards are well deserved. One way to ensure this is by choosing the right judges.

The people you choose need to be unbiased and ideally removed from the company, yet familiar with the industry. A voting system will come in handy in case the judges can’t come to a unanimous decision. These days, there is a strong trend to move away from the annual event or tallying of “results”, because research has conclusively shown that more frequent recognition results in wider benefits all around, for the individual and the business. It gives the opportunity to easily look forward rather than reflecting back on 6 or 12 months and trying then to correct it when it is “ancient history.”

It may well be that the company has a recognition program in place, and if so, all employees should and would be aware of the parameters and KPI’s. Such a system does, therefore, remove any potential judging bias

Adding a “People’s Choice” award, best dressed, most outrageous, etc., will allow guests who did not qualify for awards or from outside of the company, to feel equally involved.

9. Provide Entertainment

Once the awards have been handed out, it will be time for everyone to have some fun. Picking the right sources of entertainment will make them look forward to the next event.

Music and a dance floor are the most reliable source, and the songs you play should meet a balance of being appropriate and freeing up one’s inner self. This can lead to dance-offs and other activities that can unite your staff.

Guests singers and musicians, famous or not, will motivate guests to participate even more. Food should be available in different areas to satisfy everyone during breaks from the dance floor. This helps balance the consumption of alcohol and helps to avoid any resultant unsavory conduct. Also, don’t forget photo booths and raffles which may give them something fun to take home as a memento of the event

10. Promote Your Event

Where applicable, the more avenues you use to advertise your event, the more people will participate. This is also a chance for your company to get recognition among other players in your field, which could lead to future business.

Marketing options will vary depending on whether the event is an in-house or open function. Options are appearing on local and state radio stations to handing out flyers outside the office and in other parts of town. Advertising the ceremony on the website or social media will attract customers.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, with popular websites including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. You can use videos and photos to promote the event and let people know of the possibilities they can get involved in by attending.

Our Take

A recognition event gives both individuals and teams the chance to be acknowledged for their hard work and stay motivated to do better. An event or ceremony provides this opportunity in a fun but auspicious way.

Putting together a budget, award designs, entertainment options, and options for recognition will help the event be effective and memorable. With these factors considered, you will be able to reward your team and help them make even greater contributions to the company.

Check out more of our award ceremony tips and award design options so that you can keep your work environment productive and fun.