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Sustainable Wood Awards

Where elegance meets eco-friendly is where you’ll find our sustainable wood awards. We’ve partnered with a local studio to bring our clients incredible custom wooden award designs. Discuss your needs with us and we’ll help you create the perfect sustainable award for your event, competition, or awards night.

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“Impact Glass Creations were wonderful to work with. From listening to our needs, sharing feedback and ideas right through to designing and creating our gorgeous custom-made awards, they were very accommodating and helpful.
Rosemary – Jurlique

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Designed With the Earth in Mind

Let’s be real. Most of the things people do aren’t great for the environment. We wanted to change that just a little bit with a range of sustainable award options. Our awards use reclaimed hardwoods sourced sustainably from specific Australian locations. Additionally, working with a local studio affords us complete control over the manufacturing process and ensures there is as little waste as possible throughout.

Using high-quality materials also ensures you get awards of incredible quality. Many Australian timbers are available ranging from Camphor, to Mahogany, Ironbark and Jarrah. Most hardwood is durable and comes in a range of colours. Many of our designs also feature a “combo” of anodised aluminium, a treated metal that is both stunning and long-lasting. Together, the results are incredible awards that will look beautiful for years to come. They won’t fade or diminish in value, giving recipients something they can be proud of for as long as they live.

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Our Custom Award Creation Process

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First, we’ll discuss your requirements with you so we can guide and tailor your design to suit your needs

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Within days you’ll receive your initial design concept, then, once it’s been approved we’ll bring your awards to life

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When complete, your awards are safely packed, labelled and delivered on time to present to your recipients

Specialised Design Techniques

Working with wood gives us access to new design techniques and methods, allowing you to “Wow” recipients in an all-new way. We can engrave images and text into your awards with laser,, leaving a bold and lasting impression, or combine with materials such as metal or acrylic for an impressive multi-faceted design.

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Finely-tuned laser engraving allows us to carve custom text and designs into the surface of wood and metal with clean results.

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Anodising aluminium is one of the best ways to treat and colour metal. We can easily select from a range of metal colours to suit any award design and prevent it from rusting, corroding or fading.
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We can combine wood with any other material we have on hand, including acrylic, crystal glass, metal, and more, to create incredible composite designs.

Why Choose Impact Glass Creations?


Award Design Specialists

All our awards are custom, designed to meet your unique needs. Alternatively, if you have an idea or see a design you like, we can tailor it to fit your organisation or event.

“Done For You” Approach

You’re free to have as much or as little say in the process as you wish. We can take care of the complete award creation for you, or work closely with you to create something incredible.


Combination Wood Awards

We can combine wood with any other material we have on hand, including acrylic, crystal glass, metal, and more, to create incredible composite designs.

You’re Kept in the Loop

We keep you updated at every step of the design and creation process. You’ll get the chance to approve at each stage, ensuring you get the awards you’re envisioning.


Sustainably Sourced Materials

We’re taking steps to make sure the future of awards is sustainable. As such, all materials for our sustainable awards are sourced sustainably from Australian providers.

All Local Manufacturing

We’ve partnered with some of the best local craftsmen and creatives to bring you Australian-made awards that are high-quality, unique and sustainable.


Competitive Pricing

We’ve worked hard to keep our custom awards competitively priced. In fact, our prices sit just above what a generic “catalogue-design” award costs!

Call Us Today

Reach out to our team and we’ll be able to guide you through the award design process. In a short, 20-minute consultation we can work out exactly what you’re looking for and return to you later with a custom design, tailored to your exact needs.