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Embrace The “OMG” Factor To Set Your Awards, Trophies Or Gifts Apart

Do you want to add that unique touch to your design? Technology has created many ways for us to achieve that ‘wow’ factor and make your award or gift stand out from the rest. Discuss the many options with our team as we look to help encourage those you’re recognising, which is, after all, the purpose of the event.

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Rosemary – Jurlique

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Example of LED Light Base

LED Light Bases

LED lighting is another area that has seen tremendous development and application to the corporate gift, awards and events area of business.

Consider a rotation of coloured lights, projecting up through the crystal, highlighting the image, with full, remote control over brightness, rotation speed and fade in and out. Powered by a rechargeable Lithium battery, which gives up to 30 hours light. Just Amazing!

As if this is not enough, we can conceal the light unit in a custom-made Aussie timber base, to give a truly unique item, suited to table displays, international gifts, awards and promotions

Examples of Coloured Crystal

Coloured Crystal

“Clear as crystal”….not anymore!

Crystal awards and trophies don’t always have to be clear. We have a range of raw crystal material in 7 colours, that can be cut, bevelled, facetted, water-jet cut or drilled providing a wide array of shapes and unique designs to better represent your company theme, logo or branding.

Examples of Water Jet Cut

Water-Jet Cutting

Want to reward your team with something out of the ordinary, something that is truly unique and still gives the value that is above and beyond?

Our water-jet cutting option allows you to create a trophy or paperweight that replicates a logo or object. These can still be decorated with 2d, 3d or surface engraving and print….but you have the advantage of tailoring the crystal or glass award to your exact theme.

We produce not only clear but also coloured crystal, so that colours can be joined to make something that is truly artistic…

Don’t be restricted to “catalogue’ options, talk to our team and let us work with you in designing something that turns heads, boosts recipients self-esteem and brings you the kudos.

Examples of Silver & Rainbow Plating

Rainbow Plating

Lift your award, trophy or gift to the next level by incorporating our unique silver or rainbow plating effect in your design. Ideal to coat a recess or flat base to create a completely new look, whereby the seen colours will vary depending on the ambient light and angle of the item.

Talk to the team and lets us guide you with some options that you most likely have never considered. If you look good….we look good…

This rainbow plating is just 1 of a number of specialised finishes that will make your trophies “pop,” creating a high sense of achievement in the heart of the recipient.

Examples of Slumped & Textured Glass

Slumped & Textured Glass

We know that there is something enchanting about a “Moonscape”…..so how cool it would be to incorporate that into your glass trophy or plaque.

Slumping, as it is called, projects a range of options that are sure to impress. They are versatile, give you the chance to mix and match the textures, and add class to the plaque, that will stand out in a boardroom or foyer of any business.

Cut in any shape, with engraving or printing panels incorporated in the design, giving you ample scope for adding extra colour or even a mirrored silvered effect, that is a standout.

Talk to our experienced design team about your goals and brief, so we can offer suggestions and options that are bound to create more than what you have envisaged.