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Beautiful Presentation – All Part Of The Service

Sometimes we are impatient and we can’t help but judge a book by its cover!
That’s why we make sure that your finished crystal award or glass trophy is housed safely in a beautiful presentation box when delivered. Careful design and padding ensure that the sometimes fragile contents are well protected during transportation.

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“Impact Glass Creations were wonderful to work with. From listening to our needs, sharing feedback and ideas right through to designing and creating our gorgeous custom-made awards, they were very accommodating and helpful.
Rosemary – Jurlique

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Examples of Presentation Boxes

Presentation Boxes

Every award and gift we produce come with its own individual presentation box. These are made specifically to safely house and protect the product.

The cover material of the box is most commonly a black or a dark blue, but there are many other colours and textured effects available upon request. There is also the option of having a flip top or lift-off lid.

The protective inside lining of the box can be a satin or velvet covered foam, or a die cut black foam, both being aesthetically and protectively effective.

Examples of Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping

We can add a nice finishing touch by using a foil stamp of a metallic silver or gold, which is added to the top of the presentation box or the underside of the lid.

This is a great and inexpensive way to take the award, gift, souvenier or promotional product to the next level.

Foil stamping is the application of a metallic or pigmented foil print to the solid lid surface. This is achieved by applying the foil to a heated stamp which is then pressed against a surface leaving the design of the stamp behind.

Examples of Box Labeling

Box Labeling

With large personalised award orders, we like to make it nice and easy for you to sort through them once received. We do this by labelling the sleeve of each presentation box with either the recipient’s name or the title of each award, whichever is more appropriate. This way it is easy for us to double check the accuracy of our packing and also makes it much easier for you to organise them when recieved.