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When it comes to engraving, a specialist can deliver precision results and ensure a clean and long-lasting engraving. Whether it’s text, your logo and branding, or a detailed custom design, we can choose the most suitable engraving method to achieve a professional result. We take into consideration the type of material that is being engraved, if it requires a colour fill to create contrast, and where to position the engraving, as well as several other things. This way, your trophies, awards, plaques or paperweights come out looking perfect and will for many years to come. Our engraved glassware specialists can provide you with incredible results for your awards, engraved plaques, trophies, glass paperweights and more.

Sand Blasting

If you’re looking for a clean and detailed finish, sandblasting provides a far superior result when compared to other engraving processes. It can be used on glass, crystal, some plastics, and even metal to produce finely detailed designs with sharp crisp lines. How? We first create a stencil with a special photosensitive film. This film is then bonded to the surface of your trophy, plaque or award. Then we use a blast of very fine, very sharp, abrasive sand which erodes the exposed surface to “carve” the image or artwork. Depending on the pressure, the stencil we use, and the timing of the sandblast, we can achieve incredibly detailed results at varying depths, with options for both 2D and 3D ’embossed’ designs. This process also allows for engraving on curved surfaces such as a glass or vase.

Colour Fills

Colour filling is a term used in the awards and engraving industry to describe a technique involving adding colour to an engraving. Even though there are a wide variety of engraving materials available in a multitude of colours, thicknesses and finishes. Often this technique is used to colour the engraving to make it stand out, or enhance the overall appearance of the product. When compared with colour printing, it can provide a different aesthetic that many prefer.

The most popular colours used are Gold, Silver, Black and White, although we can match almost any colour to suit your design or branding.

2D Surface Laser Engraving

One of our most popular design options for trophies, awards and more, laser engraving is a process by which the focal point of an intense beam of light vaporises part of the material to etch an image into the material’s surface. When it comes to surface engraving, especially on many of the plastic-based materials, the speed and precision make it very cost-effective. You can achieve consistently great results at a very affordable cost.

It’s important to note, surface laser engraving doesn’t look as sharp as sandblasting on glass or crystal and cannot be used to engrave shiny or some curved objects. It’s most commonly used on engraved glassware, such as beer glasses. Our team will discuss your needs with you to work out whether laser engraving will be a viable option for you.

3D Laser Engraving

If you’ve ever seen glass with a floating, 3D image inside, this is how it’s done. Using specially designed laser systems we can etch a 3D design into crystal with impressive results. We can use a 3D model of your design or create a model from scratch using images. It’s a design option that’s very popular and will look great even on a budget.

Custom Glass Crystal Award Engraving

At Impact Glass Creations we specialise in the creation of custom crystal awards and trophies. If you’re looking for a unique and personalised alternative to typical “off the shelf” trophies, our team can work with you to make it happen. As well as glass engraving in Melbourne, we offer our custom award design services Australia wide, including sublimation, printing, encapsulation and more. Request a quote today and we’ll provide you with your first concept design completely (valued at $300!).








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What was so good about Impact Glass Creations for my project ? Well everything to be honest. Their timeliness, their imagination, their attention to detail, their price, their communication, their overall interest in my needs. Would I recommend them to others or would I use them again ? Too right I would. In a heartbeat.

David Bax

Highly recommended if you are looking for great quality work, fast turnaround times and affordable custom trophy solutions. Their customer service is excellent.

Swetha Sureshbabu

We recently ordered a semi custom perpetual Crystal trophy for our Branch of the year Award. The team at Glass Creations have been extremely helpful form start to finish, recommending the right design for our needs and budget. The results looks stunning. I highly recommend their services..

Caroline Clement

Tony was fantastic to deal with, responsive to email and phone calls. Prompt work with great results after some small (beneficial) suggestions and changes we ended up with a beautiful product that hangs proudly in every Challenge Community Services office in NSW. The image doesn’t do it justice. Tony also agreed to meet me on a Sunday afternoon so that I could opportunistically collect them on my way through Richmond on my way to the Hunter Valley. Thanks Tony!!!

Wade Mahoney

Amazing customer service! I had a last minute order and I was assisted in a professional, friendly, quick and efficient manner. The work was of top quality!

Melanie Krynauw