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Faithfully Engraved Artwork

Whether it’s text, logos or a detailed piece of artwork, we use the most appropriate engraving method to give your job the professional result you expect. We take into consideration the type of material that is being engraved, if it requires a colour fill to create contrast and where to position the engraving for best effect. All these aspects are considered and discussed with you before processing takes place.

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Examples of Sand Blasting

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting provides a far superior result over many other engraving processes available! Whether it be on the glass, crystal, some plastics, even metal, it produces very fine detail and sharp crisp lines. How? The engraving is achieved by a stencil being created with a special photosensitive film which is then bonded to the surface area that is being engraved as a resist. The actual engraving is done using a blast of very fine, very sharp, abrasive which erodes the exposed surface to create a contrast against the protected material or to erode more deeply to “carve’ the image or artwork.

This process allows for engraving on curved surfaces such as a glass or vase. It also allows for the image or text to be engraved at varying depths to create an embossed or 3D effect.

Examples of Colour Fills

Colour Fills

Colour filling is a term used in the awards and engraving industry to describe a technique used to add colour to the engraving. Even though there are a wide variety of engraving materials available in a multitude of colours, thicknesses and finishes, there are often times when it is desirable to colour the engraving to make it stand out or enhance the overall appearance of the product.

The most common colours used are Gold, Silver, Black and White. Although we can match almost any colour to suit your design or branding.

Examples of Surface Laser Engraving

Surface Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a process by which the focal point of an intense beam of light vaporises part of the material to recreate the image. When it comes to surface engraving, especially on many of the plastic-based materials, the speed and cleanliness of the job make repeated work very economical.

Surface laser engraving doesn’t look as sharp as sandblasting on glass or crystal and cannot be used to engrave shiny or some curved objects.