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The Magic of 3D & 2D Lasering in Crystal

Have you ever seen an image or artwork floating magically inside a piece of crystal? This is achieved by subsurface lasering using a computer controlled laser beam whose focal point melts a speck of the crystal material and creates thousands of tiny dots within the crystal award to recreate the digital image or artwork in the computer. The two main types of subsurface lasering are in the form of 2D and 3D which can be combined together within the one item to create a great effect.

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Examples of 3D Lasering

3D Lasering

To be able to produce a 3D lasered image we must first have a file where the image is comprised of 3 axis, not 2, these are the x, y, z axis in the digital 3D artwork. This can either be supplied or we can create it from scratch by using photographic images of the subject taken from different views. These photos are then digitised and built into the required format.

The 3D model can then be replicated internally within a piece of crystal with an extreme accuracy. The finished product leaves you with a true 3D object floating inside the crystal.

Examples of 2D Lasering

2D Lasering

A 2D image can be laser engraved inside a piece of crystal in the form of text, logos, artwork and even photos, giving the effect of it floating within the crystal.

The image will have a certain amount of depth added to it which is created by digitally extruding the image. This then results in a grey scale replica of the original image from the front of the crystal, while the side view will be a straight line.