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Dachshund Rescue Sponsor Gift
Custom | Unique Gifts

Project details: A combination of waterjet cutting and then diamond polishing the edges, engraving and colour filling the trim in gold and then mounting that onto a black crystal base.The base engraved with the logo and recipient details balance out the design. This job came about because the Dachshund Rescue clients wanted an upmarket Recognition Award for their sponsors. They are passionate about what they do, they know that Dachshund’s are recognised and loved worldwide so they wanted something which was at that level of recognition and so after discussion, we created this award which just goes to show that with some collaboration, some discussion and using our creative and design skills we can produce a custom item which is very unique, very eye-catching and yet represents the purpose exactly as required by the customer.

Talk and show your ideas and your theme, you would be surprised what can be done.


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