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How to Incorporate your Theme or Logo into a Unique Award

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how to incorporate

Awards are given to mark achievements such as an employee’s long service, exemplary work, or gaining a particular success. As such, the awards should be high quality, unique and personalised to reflect the importance of the event. A cheap, off the shelf trophy, on the other hand, will give completely the wrong impression.

Any awards ceremony and the awards that are presented there should aim to be as prestigious as possible. Giving stock trophies will reduce the impact while customised and unique awards will add quality and ensure recipients will value their awards.

Creating a Unique Award

Awards can be made unique by their customised design and by incorporating details of the recipient and the reason they have been given the award. You can also add in a company logo that clearly identifies your business or adopt a theme that sets the background for the award.

Including a theme or logo needs to be done carefully and thoughtfully, so it doesn’t spoil the overall appearance of the trophy. Just adding them as an afterthought can result in a trophy that’s unbalanced so you need to include them as part of the overall design process.

A big advantage of glass awards is that they can be made to virtually any reasonable size, shape and colour that you require. The overall shape of the trophy can represent the theme of the award or a company logo or theme image can be etched into the glass to provide the effect you need. This can be combined with full-colour printing to achieve either a spectacular or subtle effect.

Customising an award to make it unique has several aims. You may want to include your company logo to enhance your brand, to incorporate a theme, recipient details and possibly a personal message as a permanent reminder of the event for which the award is given, and to create something the recipient will value and that will create a lasting impression for everyone who sees it.

The Need for Professional Help

A custom designed glass trophy can be a thing of beauty and something to be treasured if it’s done properly. It can also, however, be an absolute disaster if handled badly.

For the novice designer, there is a temptation to incorporate a multitude of features that can be overpowering and give totally the wrong outcome. In many cases, a more restrained approach is far better because it creates something that’s more subtle and exudes quality.

At Impact Glass Creations, we’ll help you achieve the effect you want. We’ll listen to what you’re trying to achieve and create a design and prototype to match. We can create simple or complex awards that truly reflect your aims. We’ll engrave the words you want to include, add a required logo or theme and incorporate colours that match perfectly.

With our help, you’ll have an award that reflects the:

  • Achievement or occasion for which it’s being presented
  • The environment of the award, which may be a sports day or similar occasion
  • Recipient and their personality, incorporating their name and other details that may include a personal message to make the award totally memorable and unique.

Done properly, the award will not only identify your company, the occasion and the particular achievement or event but will also be a quality item that the recipient will value for a long time. It will be a source of pride and will bring back happy memories that motivate the recipient to perform at a high level so it’s worth putting in the effort to get it right.