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Years of Service Awards

A service award is created for you to recognise an individual for their dedicated service and commitment to your organisation. It is crucial to maintain an ongoing relationship between you and your most loyal employees, an important investment worth protecting. We have designs and styles to suit your every need or we can create a unique trophy or award to suit your particuar brief.
These days, with people choosing to change jobs more often, recognising those that do stay with you is more important than ever. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses throughout Australia get unique and memorable years of service awards for their employees, and turn their awards program from a courtesy into something to look forward to. Take a look at some of our past designs here! If you see something you like, shoot us a message and we can tell you all about how it would look for your business.

Innovative Designs

All our years of service awards are designed by our team here in Sydney. We sit down with our clients and work out exactly what they’re looking for, taking the information and creating an innovative and unique award design. We use a wide range of materials and manufacturing techniques, however, we specialise in working with glass crystal. It’s this specialised material that you see in most of our designs, and also how we’re able to achieve the fine details in each design. Click on the designs here for more information on which design techniques we used to make them.

The Best Time to Give Out Years of Service Awards is Today

There’s no right time for an award. We find the businesses that have the highest employee retention rates give out awards regularly! So if you have an employee that’s been with you 5, 10, 15 years or longer, don’t keep them waiting. Contact our team and we can design an award that fits the bill perfectly.