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Acknowledgement Plaques

Respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land with a custom plaque, tailored to fit the visual style of your business or organisation. Impact Glass Creations work with you to create and completely custom design an indigenous acknowledgment plaque that leaves an impact on your visitors and guests. 

Your project is tailored to perfectly suit your budget and requirements!

We work to your time frame to ensure your deadline is always met!

Guarantee: If the final result doesn’t blow your socks off, we’ll fix it until it does!

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Great service and A really well done made plaque. Spent a long time going back and forth to make it perfect and had all confidence it would be. It will become a part of a special memory for our Venue and we couldn’t be happier.

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What is an Indigenous Acknowledgement Plaque?

An Indigenous Acknowledgement Plaque is a custom made plaque that publicly recognises the traditional owners and custodians of this land. Knowing the land, you’re using was previously managed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, it’s respectful to acknowledge the fact with a physical plaque.

We’ve created custom-designed plaques for corporations, organisations, community groups and government agencies throughout Australia, helping them provide visitors with relevant information about the land they now occupy and pay respects to the First Nations People.

Don’t Have Your Own Indigenous Art? We’ve Got You Covered

Forget about sourcing your own designs and images. We have a huge library of indigenous artwork, designs and imagery we can use for your award. Have a look at our past awards and the artwork here for inspiration and get a feel for what we can do for you. If what you see isn’t quite what you’re looking for, contact us today. We can combine images to get the results you’re after or source something completely new for you. When we say completely custom awards, we mean it!
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Tell a Story with Custom Designed Plaques

With a general acknowledgment plaque, you’re getting a cookie-cutter design you’ll find displayed in offices dotted through the country. Sure, it might look alright, but you can be sure it’s only a token gesture. On the other hand, a custom design tells a story. One of your organisation’s relationships with the land and its people, and what it really means to acknowledge the indigenous Australians that came before. When we design awards, we work hard to create a design that respects the people and culture of the traditional custodians of any land or tribe, with the option of incorporating the style and imagery of your brand, organisation, or mission. We strive to pick up on any unique features of flora or fauna, pertinent to any location, often collaborating with elders or artists to capture the true essence of their history in the plaques artwork.

Don’t just have a generic acknowledgement in your email footer, be genuine and display a traditional style plaque in your foyer or public area.

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