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Acknowledgement Plaques

Over the years, the team at Impact Glass Creations have designed and created many eyecatching and unique designs. If you’re considering a custom acknowledgement plaque for your business or organisation, you can view all our past acknowledgement plaque designs here. If something catches your eye, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll create a unique design that matches your needs perfectly. 

Acknowledgement plaques are an excellent way to display the names of award recipients for ongoing awards. They’re a great alternative to traditional awards, as they can be used to recognise achievements for years in a public place. If you’re looking to give a specialised award every year, why not consider a plaque? View our designs below.

Innovative Plaque Designs

Over the years we’ve created all kinds of designs, from simple one-colour plaques to multi-sided, multi-recipient awards. We can make acknowledgement plaques out of a wide range of materials, including wood and acrylics, and shape them to a form that fits your needs and matches your brand image. Some of our designs may seem a little unconventional, but they’re perfect for what the client had in mind.

Bring Your Awards to Life

An award plaque can really help elevate the presentation value of your awards. It can make the awards you present every year feel more formal, more professional, and more permanent, giving people something to work towards throughout the year. If you’re looking to recognise the efforts of an applicant or employee, an acknowledgement plaque can make it far more impactful.

For more information on acknowledgement plaques and other awards, talk to our team today!