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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used to make the awards?

We mainly produce our awards using crystal and glass and Australian timbers. We also have a wide range of acrylics and metals available at our fingertips which we can incorporate into your designs. Of course, each project is unique and we will always advise you on the best options to suit your desired outcome.

How much are my awards likely to cost?

This will vary depending on the materials and processes used, quantity needed, level of customisation involved plus the urgency of the project. We always do our best to work within your budget whilst advising the best options to still achieve your desired outcome.

How long will my awards take to make?

This will vary depending on the quantity needed, level of customisation involved, time of the year and many other factors. Once we know your requirements we can then advise you accordingly. We take deadlines very seriously here and do whatever it takes to ensure you have your awards before your due date.
We also have a stock of “off the shelf” awards to meet your very urgent needs.

If your job is urgent, call us on 02 4577 6767 and we will see what we can do within your timeframe.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to all states of Australia as well as New Zealand. International shipping can also be arranged to other countries if required.

What artwork files do I need to supply?

Logos should be provided as an editable vector file (AI, EPS or an editable PDF) so that they can be enlarged and manipulated without becoming distorted or pixelated. JPEG or PNG images of your logo are OK to use for the initial draft stage of the design process but are not ideal for the final production.

Photos need to be supplied in the highest quality file (JPEG, PNG or GIF) so you have to ensure a sharp and crisp replication.

What's included with our Design Mockup Offer?

Once you submit your form we will immediately get in touch with you to discuss your requirements in more detail plus give you tons of valuable information to help you make more informed decisions on all things relating to awards and trophies. Then our design experts will take into account all your requirements and create an initial concept/illustration for your award to send to you as an image via email. A competitive quote will also be provided based on the concept. All of this is included 100% with no obligation.

I've never done this and don't know where to start?

We get it! Trying to find the perfect award can seem daunting at first, especially with so many choices available. But rest assured we’re here to make this easy for you. Just simply let us know the purpose for your awards ie: recognition, long service, conference or promotional purposes etc. along with any theme you have in mind and we will be able to guide you in the right direction. We are your GPS to a successful event outcome.

What kind of awards can be given in the workplace?

Recognition, Service Awards, Team Player Awards, Years of Service Awards. Effectively you can create an award for anything your staff find meaningful, such as achievements,initiative, hard work, commitment and more. People love to know they’re being noticed, that their hard work and efforts are having an impact. Recognising that is the best way to build a great workplace culture and improve morale.

What is the difference between trophies, awards and plaques?

In the industry, Trophy is a term often used to refer to cheaper, lower quality awards, while Awards are often synonymous with higher quality design and material with more detail. Plaques are different altogether and are usually a flat board or glass panel that can be engraved with the recipient’s details. They’re designed to be simple, wall hanging or freestanding while still being elegant.

What should I have engraved on my awards?

Less is more when it comes to award engraving. We recommend a simple, short message that will easily be understood by the recipient – this ensures a strong impact. This can include the title of award, the recipient’s name, and the year. If there’s room, many of our clients like to include a small thank you note as well as incorporating their logo.

Will I get to approve the artwork before you engrave my awards?

Yes, yes, and yes! Approval is required at every stage + even if there are slight changes new approval will be required before it is sent to production. We work with you to make sure the artwork meets your brief while keeping within your budget.

How many characters / lines of engraving are allowed?

We don’t charge per line of text, we charge per award. But while there’s no explicit character limit, less is always more. We recommend sticking to having only what you need to put on your award. Our team can help you work out what details are essential and recommend tried and tested layouts when you discuss design with us.

What types of engraving / print do you use?

We offer a range of engraving, printing and customisation techniques, ranging from standard engraving to laser engraving, sandblasting, colour fill,3D and more. You can learn more about the engraving and printing techniques we use on our website customisation page.

How are the awards presented when delivered?

All crystal and glass items come in a custom made protective presentation box to suit. All others are delivered as standard in bubble wrap and don’t come in individual boxes. However, large orders can come in a custom box as an add-on upon request. You’re free to present the awards any way you want to!

We add the winners name to each award for easy sorting at your precious event or if you are sending these directly for a virtual event.

Can you arrange direct delivery for virtual events?

This is no problem, we can label and address each award, send them to a head office or to each recipient. All you need to do is supply the address details and we will do the rest.