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End of Year Ideas to Show Staff Appreciation

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ACSA Custom Employee Achievement Plaque

The best employers and bosses know that without their employees, the business would simply not exist. Having a business that is filled with happy, satisfied employees isn’t just good for the morale of the company but for the sales and profit too.

Dissatisfied employees are a sure way to drop the ball when it comes to work and creating an unpleasant office environment. Thriving employees will have a knock-on effect on your company. Employees that have a personal rapport with those above them and those that feel appreciated are the most likely to produce great work for your company.

In other words, showing acknowledgement and appreciation to your staff should be an important aspect of your overall business strategy. So, here on some ideas about finishing strong as the year closes and recognising your staff. 

Things to Keep in Mind

When you are thinking of the best ways to show staff appreciation at the end of the year, there are a few things to keep in mind before you settle on the best idea.

  • It should mean something: Your staff are more likely to appreciate something that is well thought out and meaningful rather than over the top and expensive.
  • It should be authentic: Whatever it is that you decide on – the meaning behind the message it sends should always be authentic. Make sure that everything you do is coming from a genuine place.
  • It should be sincere: Insincerity can be spotted from a mile away and you don’t want to come off as fake to your employees. Ensure that you only say what you honestly believe, and your staff are more likely to take on the message.
  • It should be realistic: Having grand ideas to show your staff appreciation is always wonderful but remember that you have to keep it realistic with regards to the budget and logistics. Taking 300 employees to the Bahamas is unlikely to fit within your budget for example.

Appreciation ideas

Giving Back

Almost everyone has a cause that they are passionate about. Whether they support an animal shelter, an environmental NGO, a soup kitchen or a children’s home, they have chosen these organisations because they mean a lot to them. Let your employees know that you will be donating money, food or time to the charity of their choice and it will show that you care about what they hold close to their heart.

Personalised Gifts

End of the year gifts are still a wonderful way to show appreciation for your hardworking employees, but you have to avoid giving out generic company-wide gifts that have little thought to them. Take the time to get to know your staff and what it is that they could use and then personalize gifts according to this knowledge. Believe us, they will appreciate it more than anything else.

Extra Paid Leave

The work-life balance is an important one and something that many people struggle with. Instead of spending money on something expensive, yet ultimately meaningless, consider giving outstanding employees the incentive of extra time off to spend with their family.

End of Year Bash and Awards

It’s no secret that office end of year parties are eagerly awaited for many months and it’s a great way to let your employees celebrate a successful year and give recognition to those who have stood out. Get employees to vote for different staff members in various categories and award them with special, tailor-made awards at the end of year party.

Put the Shine Back in Year-End Awards

At Impact Glass Creations, we know that you aren’t looking for a run of the mill award for your employees. We are here to partner with you to create premium, bespoke awards for your staff that will let them know how truly valued they are. Get in touch if you’d like to order an award for your company, or if you’d like to chat with us more about what we can do to make your employees feel special.