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Employee Service Milestone Awards for Modern Companies

Service award recognition programs have been around for decades and most businesses have them. That doesn’t, however, mean that they all do them well. Some of these programs are just something that HR has always taken care of, some are just generic presents, some are simply posted letters of congratulations and so on. 

Unfortunately, there are many companies that simply don’t recognise the opportunity that these programs present to delight employees and give them the appreciation that they deserve. When done properly, service awards are a holistic way to encompass everything that your employee brings to the table and to show how they make a difference to the company.

The Benefits of Employee Service Milestone Awards

When done right, employee service milestone programs can have a multitude of benefits for employees within the company and your business as a whole: 

  • Employee retention: A high employee turnover is a bad thing for your business. It means that you will continually be recruiting and training new employees at great cost to your business. These programs will improve your employee retention with more employees being loyal to the company and wanting to stay on for many more years.
  • Employee satisfaction: It’s no secret that employees that feel appreciated and valued are more likely to produce good work. When you reward your employees properly for their time and efforts at your company, you aren’t just improving their work experience but also ensuring that they are keeping up high standards of work for your business.
  • Inspires others: When employees see that those who have been at the company for many years being treated well, they are more likely to want to stay on. Other employees will be inspired by the appreciation shown to long-stayers and want to reach the milestones themselves.
  • Employees feel as if they fit in: When you reward an employee not just for how long they’ve been at the company but also for the work that they’ve done while they’ve been there, you are helping them feel more at home in their workplace and that they fit in with those around them.
  • Culture: Workplace culture cannot be underestimated as a facet in company success. These kinds of programs foster a positive workplace environment, and this goes far in helping all employees across the company feel more satisfied and appreciated.

How Are You Recognising Your Employee Service Milestones?

When it comes to finding the right awards and gifts for employees that have hit the magical 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 or more mark, it’s important that you don’t simply get the receptionist to send a generic award out. This won’t make the employee feel valued or appreciated and they could begin to question if it’s worth staying on for longer.

The best way to go about creating something special and memorable for them is to think about it in a holistic way that takes into account the work they do, their friends in the workplace and a special something that they will love personally. Here are just some of the best ideas:

  • Personal congratulations: Nothing beats a handwritten letter or in-person thanks from someone high up in the business. Ensure that your CEO or some sort of senior league personally thanks and congratulates employees on their special milestones.
  • Personal item: If you don’t know your employee personally then it is worth asking colleagues and friends about what they need or would love as a gift. This could be anything from jewellery and electronics to kitchen accessories, memberships or paid holidays to a beautiful destination.
  • A celebration: It’s important to involve the employee’s work friends and colleagues in their celebration. Through an intimate celebration such as a dinner or lunch or even a weekend away.
  • Symbolic award: It’s also important to ensure that you give the employee a symbol of appreciation for their service. This should be something that reminds them of the company and that they will be proud to display on their desk or at home.

At Impact Glass Creations we are well aware of the nuances involved in creating something personalised and memorable for employee recognition and awards. Get in touch with us if you’d like to see how we can help you show your employees how much their years at the company mean to you.