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Are You Trying To Source The Best Custom Trophies In Melbourne?

If so, then it just so happens that you have stumbled on the right place. When it comes to designing or commissioning your trophies or awards there are several considerations that you should make. There are more than a few services that offer custom engraving or specialised mounting but it is very hard to find a company that offers a full suite of design options that starts from the ground up. At Impact Glass, we specialise in creating high-quality trophies, awards, paperweights and gifts that encapsulate the values, identity and character of your organisation while honouring the award recipient. We work with you to create an excellent product that will stand the test of time and forever immortalise your event or celebration.

During a detailed consultation, our design team will ask a host of questions to narrow down and identify exactly what you would like from your award. We can then use a wide variety of production methods to produce a prototype that captures everything you are looking to create in your trophy. Depending on your specifications and design preferences we employ crafting methods such as sandblasting, colour filling, surface laser engraving, 2D lasering, 3D lasering, digital printing, encapsulated printing or sublimated printing to deliver your prototype. Once you are happy with the prototype and you can approve the full rollout. We will then produce your custom items to the same specifications with any minor necessary adjustments.
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Are You Struggling To Find Affordable Custom Made Trophies In Melbourne?

It is easy enough to find trophy manufacturers in Melbourne who advertise fully customised products with a handful of finishes and award engraving options, but it is not as easy to find a company who offers to create trophies, awards, glass plaques or crystal paperweights from scratch based solely on your own designs. At Impact Glass, that is precisely what we do. We throw out the templates and ignore the outdated standards. For us, prizes, awards and trophies bring more meaning to their recipients when they are well thought out and considered.

We’re Melbourne’s Custom Trophy Choice

The whole process starts off with a consultation. By outlining your preferred trophy design in as much detail as possible we can get the best sense of what materials to use and which production methods to adopt. These can vary greatly and they all depend on the vision of the finished product. We are happy to explain all of the steps that go into manufacturing your trophies and highlight how cost-effective they are in terms of your budget. If you are unsure or have no idea of what your design should look like then don’t worry. Although we do not use any pre-set templates or stock trophy designs we will be able to suggest layouts that suit your event or occasion. These consultations are as much about us getting a sense of who you are as they are about informing you of what we can offer.

We Do Not Proceed With Any Manufacturing Until You’ve Approved It

After a thorough consultation, we can issue you with a detailed and itemised quote so that you know exactly what your order will come to. There are no hidden surprises and we do not proceed with any orders until they have been approved by our customers. If there is something that doesn’t look right to you or if you feel you would prefer to make an adjustment then just let us know and we will make the necessary changes, recalculate and issue you with a fresh quote. It is important for us that you are one-hundred percent happy at every step along the way. Our dedicated customer service team is always on hand to field your calls and answer any queries you might have and ensure you are happy with our service.

View some of our custom-made projects to get your imaginative juices flowing!

Custom Made Trophies for All Corners Of Australia

If you are having a hard time finding custom made trophies in Melbourne that stand out on their own then make sure you look into what Impact Glass has to offer. We have everything you need right here on our website, you can arrange a consultation, place an order and have it delivered right to your door all at the click of a mouse. Remember, we ship to anywhere in Australia so even if you are far from New South Wales you can still get custom designed trophies and glassware of the highest quality at affordable prices.

Want to jump-start your process? View our range of services to marvel at the possibilities!
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Here’s some of our previous work to help get your imaginative juices flowing!


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Examples of custom awards, gifts, paperweights, plaques and trophies

Imbue Your Trophy With a Genuine Sense Of Pride

It is all too easy to choose an off the shelf item, have it engraved and then present it to someone at a work ceremony. However, such an item is also easy to forget and even be left behind by the recipient. A piece of glassware imbued with personality and intent can capture the imagination and stand out as a significant token of appreciation. The only way to show a colleague facing retirement or a team who have exceeded themselves the respect that they have earned is with a quality custom trophy that they can display with pride.

View some of our custom-made projects to get your imaginative juices flowing!

Design Your Bespoke Custom Trophy The Right Way

If you are still uncertain about custom trophies in Melbourne then why not take a look through some of our previously completed projects either right here on our website or our social media pages. While you are there you can also read through some of the testimonials from our satisfied customers, to whom we are grateful for recommending our work and further spreading the excellent word of mouth reputation we rely on. Our work speaks for itself and we are very confident that you will see something in our finished pieces that both assuages any doubts you may have and better inform your trophy design ideas. If you have any questions or queries, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. At present, you can arrange for a free design consultation that would normally cost hundreds of dollars. There has never been a better time to contact us and design your trophy or award the right way!

Examples of custom awards, gifts, paperweights, plaques and trophies


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