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Benefits of a Custom Designed Recognition Award

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benefits of a custom designed

When it comes down to it, not recognising the achievements of employees is the mark of a poorly performing business. When employees are taken for granted, they tend to do only the bare minimum that is necessary and aren’t motivated to improve their performance.

A properly thought out and organised employee recognition program can make all the difference and transform a company’s performance. And with personalised, custom awards, you can multiply the effect tenfold.

The Benefits that Employee Awards can Bring

A well-designed employee recognition awards program doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, it can even provide valuable benefits that will multiply any investment you make. These include:

Improved Staff Retention

Good employees are difficult to find and keeping them is a priority since many of them are hard to replace and new employees have to be trained and assimilated into the company. If they feel under-valued, however, they are likely to leave and a high turnover of staff can cause poor morale that will encourage even more to leave. A recognition awards programme will make employees feel their contribution is appreciated and ensure they’re more likely to stay.

Increased Productivity

Employees who receive awards will feel happier and more valued, and will be likely to work harder and more efficiently as well as being proactive rather than simply doing what’s requested of them. Other employees are likely to increase their performance in order to earn recognition, so productivity will increase all round.

Company Loyalty

The employees whose efforts are recognised will feel a more integral part of the company. As a result, they will be more inclined to praise the company and its products, raising awareness and helping the marketing effort.

Employee Satisfaction

Employees who are made to feel their job has value for the business will be happier in their work. Happy employees tend to work harder and longer, meeting targets and taking on more work than they would otherwise do.

Raising Standards

Giving awards for certain achievements will tend to set standards that need to be met. This can cause employees to raise their performance in order to try to meet those standards.

Team Spirit

A properly structured awards program will emphasise the contribution that individuals make to a team effort and may allow team members to be involved in the selection process. This will tend to encourage a team culture where collective efforts will improve overall performance.

Instant Payback for Recognition Awards

When implemented correctly, a well-structured awards recognition awards program can have huge benefits for your bottom line. So much so, that 95% of HR workers surveyed agree that an effective recognition and reward program helps drive business results. Employees are more engaged, more motivated, and more productive.

Overall, this results in increased profitability and improved business performance. This will more than offset any costs you incur in setting up and running the program. Employees do respond to the appreciation of their efforts and the company will benefit as a result.

If you’re struggling to think of ways you can recognise your employees, we have some ideas you can use here and in other articles on our blog.

Rewards can be given for the achievement of targets, for performance that exceeds the normal expectation of an employee or for anything that is considered exceptional. You may also have long service awards that reward employees who have given many years of dedication to the company.

Any awards that are properly thought out will make a contribution to the company. However, those that are customised are more effective because they are more personal to the recipient and what they have achieved.

A beautifully designed and customised glass award will be highly valued by anyone who receives it. It will be a constant reminder of what has been achieved and will encourage the recipient and others to strive to improve on previous performance.

For more information on custom awards and recognition programs, have a chat with our team. We’re more than happy to talk with you about all things awards.