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Are Corporate Gifts and Mementos Dead?

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are corporate gifts and mementos dead

In years gone by, you could always expect some sort of year-end gift from companies that you with or for. They normally came in the form of branded mugs, pens, caps and desk calendars. However, the last few years have seen this age-old tradition fall by the wayside in a way and most companies gift bottles of bubbles or something that their clients can enjoy.

So, are corporate gifts and mementos dead? Well, yes and no. The run of the mill, off-the-shelf mementos and gifts are certainly no longer a popular choice. This doesn’t mean, however, that all corporate gifts and mementos are of no use.

Quite the contrary is true in fact. Companies that go through the extra effort to give their clients and partners meaningful, customised gifts are seeing the just rewards and as such, it’s important that your company doesn’t stop giving out corporate gifts internally and externally, but rather that they evolve their gifting campaign to find the things that are going to resonate with the people that are receiving them.

Here are just some of the benefits of giving corporate gifts and mementos that people will love: 

1. Employees feel appreciated

Employee satisfaction is one of the most imperative aspects of keeping your best employees at your company. Giving gifts internally is an excellent way to show that you appreciate their hard work and will build up their morale. Feeling appreciated is one of the biggest aspects of employee satisfaction and picking out a personalised and meaningful gift for your employees will go a long way in ensuring that you keep the talented employees that you spent a lot of money on training.

2. Improve business-to-business relationships

Who are we trying to kid? Everyone loves getting presents and this includes the companies that you work with and for. By getting customised gifts for the companies that are important to you, you are showing them that you appreciate their work and business and in doing so, you are cementing your business relationship with them even further. Get your valued partners and clients good gifts and we can assure that you will see your B2B relationships flourish.

3. Increase your brand awareness

Brand awareness is essential for success and you want people to see your logo and know who it belongs to. Some of the most famous brands with this kind of effect are Nike and Puma. Giving out gifts, particularly customised gifts will increase your brand awareness in a number of ways. If you award an individual or partner with a high-end customised trophy, then they will proudly display it in their home or office, which naturally leads to people asking about it and associating your brand. If you have given other small gifts such as water bottles, then people who come into the office and see the bottle will be exposed to your brand too.

4. Maintain or improve customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is a key component when it comes to building your business. It takes a lot less money and time to get repeat business than it does to bring in new leads and customers. Customers that receive gifts are simply more likely to reorder from you again – it goes without saying though that you should be offering a great service or product too.

At Impact Glass Creations it’s all in the name: we create bespoke, glass creations for your gifts and awards that will have a meaningful impact on the recipient and do wonders for your business too. Say goodbye to the tacky old mementos and hello to customised gifts that your customers and employees really appreciate. Get in touch with us for more information on how we can bring your corporate gift ideas to life.