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Australian Paperweight
Code: PWCU003
Name: Australian Paperweight
Price: AU $ 0.00

Product Description

A cast shape of our own, designed to provide the market with a memento or gift that truely reflects Australia, even down to having the "opalised" effect available as an option. The design had in mind to crerate and offer something that would take pride of place in any home around the world, as a permanent reminder of time spent here.
 The paperweight is just less than 10x10cm in size, beautifully gift boxed, so it is easy for an international speaker or conference delegate to receive and carry.

The colour printing or engraved artwork or text creates a truly personalised paperweight. We can customise it to cater for your finest detail or requirement. One method used is to add a foil print on or under the lid, so that the whole package looks as professional and does the crystal product.

Call our team and see if you qualify for free foil printing and artwork set-up.