Award Creation and Manufacture

Once the Design Concept has been determined, then discussion can turn to the manufacture of the product, the raw material to be used, sizes, presentation boxes and even foil printing.

Using the approved design drawing, a prototype can be made by our very experienced crystal and glass cutter, polisher and waterjet craftsman.

Should the crystal being designed going to be for 2 or 3D imagery, then this is taken into account, especially if the customised design involved spheres or complex shapes.

The presentation boxes are made specifically to safely house the product. The cover material is usually a dark blue or black, but there are other colours and textured effects available on request. The protective inside lining of the box can be satin or velvet covered foam or a die cut black foam, both being aesthetically and protectively effective.

The manufacturing process can involve, the production of concave recesses, blind holes, which can be highly polished internally.

 Additionally, we can apply a silver or "rainbow" plated effect to all or part of the crystal or glass award, to add that very unique touch.

If you have a custom request or material, then that also can be accommodated, be it acrylic, timber, resin or metal and combinations of these.

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