Colour Fill of Text or Logo

One of the advantages of using the abrasive etching method, is that a logo or text can be engraved deeper than usual, to accommodate the application of a colour into the engraved sections. This engraving can be on either the front or back of the item, each giving a slightly different effect.

This means that the engraved text can be enhanced so that there is a greater contrast and thus it will be more easily seen against a variety of  room background or display area colour schemes.

The usual colours used for presentation award text are gold, silver or black, all with great effect. a combination of these colours can be user also, like for instance the words "winner" might be done in gold and the following text details and recipients name might be silver or black.

When it comes to the logo, there are a few very necessary artwork requirements, because there MUST be a clear space between the various colours that might be required. the process is different to printing, where the various colours can basically touch each other and screen printing where the registration of each colour allows them to touch.

Our experiences graphic team can adjust artwork for you to achieve this requirement, in most cases.

Where there is a logo with a complicated design and/or a number of colours, then we would offer digital printing as an alternative, if the award or item shape is suited to such a process.