Unique Engraved Crystal, Glass Recognition Awards & Trophies

We didn’t want to bore you with the usual Lah de dah background stuff, because :

We get that you need to know, “what’s in it for you,”  What can we do for you… Right?

You’re here because your looking for something. You have a problem to solve, products to find, a conference or recognition event that has to run seamlessly, maybe something in 3D crystal or just some simple paperweights.

After all, a seamless event gets you the kudos and the pat in the back….. and equally the recipients have their self-esteem boosted, feel valued and appreciated and we all seek that, so no shame there, resulting in boosted productivity and a happier workplace.

You need to know more about the hidden cost of employee discontent, download our comprehensive report here LINK you will be amazed at the stats and the real reasons why employees quit.                                                                                              

But all is not lost…that is why we are here, to partner you and make it happen.

We try to stay away from the “same ole same ole stuff that everyone else offers”, so that when our crystal award presentation box is opened, and the lights hit the crystal, well, it creates “wow” factor, which, when coupled with one of our lithium powered LED light units, is kind of like the Aurora Borealis.

Let’s put our heads together and brainstorm your theme, use technology, stand out, be different, be unique, that is why we are here, to partner you and make it all happen.

No need to leaf through catalogues, unless you want to grasp some basic concepts…

We like to get back to the pen and paper, sketch it out and develop the concept from there.

This way your assured of having your theme or concept met, like many of our other long term, satisfied corporate clients, banks and industry leaders

Convinced yet? – Ripper!
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